Exactly as you are.

You were born champions

You might have forgotten it but you were born champions.
Yes. You!

In a world obsessed with results, we are conditioned to value ourselves only by what we achieve. But when winning is everything and failing isn’t an option we unwittingly become slaves to the results. Kings when we win and completely worthless when we lose. 

Have you ever asked yourself who you are without those results? Without your achievements, trophies, money or rank? Who are you without the roles that define you? In order to become winners in the longer run, the question we should ask ourselves is not “How do I win?” but “How do I build a winning identity, independent of the results?”

Here you will gain the tools and learn what it takes to be a complete person; a winner, not just in one competition, but in the game of life. Let’s get started! – Eitan


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Hear what Tony Bignell,
VP of Footwear Innovation at NIKE has to say about our work together

Here is what the Vice President and Creative Director of Innovation Footwear at Nike has to say about the training process of Eitan with 100 members of the Board of directors of NIKE International at Portland, USA.​

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