Winning in a Competitive Environment

How to create a winning identity
in a result obsessed world

“Eitan's passion, excitment and is simply enchanting”

– Tony Bignell
Vice President, Creative Director
of Innovation Footwear at Nike International

About the Lecture

In a world focused solely on results, everyone from aspiring to professional athletes, entrepreneurs to senior executives are all fighting the same race; competing to become number one.

But when winning is everything that matters and failing isn’t an option we unwittingly become slaves to the results. Kings when we win and completely worthless when we lose.

Have you ever asked yourself who you are without your achievements, trophies, money or rank? Who are you without the roles that define you?

In order to become winners in the longer run, the question we should ask ourselves is not “How do I win?” but “How do I build a winning identity, independent of the results?”

“To win in a competitive world” – will grant them a rare preview into the mental and emotional perspective of world-class athletes in their stressful journeys towards achievements, and will uncover what is needed to feel complete as humans, to become winners not based on a plain result or a number – but a winner in the game of life. Champions the way you are, just like you were born to be.. 


*From Eitan Azaria’s Lecture to 100 Members of the Board of directors of NIKE International at Portland, USA.​  

As a mental game coach,
here are some of the subjects Eitan focuses on:

 Playing To win, or Playing Not To Lose?
The number one method for reaching personal goals in a competitive environment

 Winning = Hero, Losing = Zero
How to cope with pressure and the demand to deliver results
Increased Results Increased Anxiety
How to ensure peak performance as you become more successful
Beyond Winning – Above Losing
How to create a winning mentality that is completely independent of results

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“Success, failure, injury and all the real experiences that life is made of are packaged into one invigorating and energetic package.”

– Sami Peretz
Journalist and Senior Commentator at The Marker
​Lecturer in Business School
College of Management Academic Studies