Mental Game Coaching for Executives

In the mental training for business you will receive a clear organized method for the achievements used by the biggest sport clubs and business organizations in the world. Tools proven of improving action and strategy in a competitive environment

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* What the Vice President of Nike has to say about the training process of Eitan with 100 members of Nike’s International Board of Directors in Portland, USA.

From the Playing Field to the Board Room

In a world focused solely on results, professional athletes and senior executives find themselves on similar ground; Navigating their way in a high stakes, high stress environment that expects peak performance 100 percent of the time.

In this demanding environment, results are expected right away. This is why the theory of accelerated performance was developed. It offers professionals who are required to perform under pressure the tools needed to deliver results without having to commit to long, drawn out processes.

This approach, which Eitan has adapted to fit the needs of professional athletes and executive businessmen and women alike, is highly successful in triggering change that is both quick and long lasting.

Through a comprehensive and structured method you will be given the tools you need to succeed in a competitive environment.

To date the method has been adopted by the international companies such as NIKE as well as universities, banks, military professionals and entrepreneurs who all feel the pressure to deliver optimal results when the stakes are at their highest.