A winning self talk: what to say when you talk to yourself before a game?

A true winner wins the game first in his mind, with his internal dialogue he has with himself.

Here are six winning self talk affirmations for you to have on the go, for those moments in need, before a game:

  • As a footballer I will always aspire to be perfect in training, but I will accept the fact that I cannot always be perfect at the game — It’s called “being human”, therefore I will accept the fact that mistakes are a natural part of ourselves, of being human.
  • Today, I will allow myself to make a mistake — and to continue playing without feeling bad about that. The moment I would give myself true acceptance for making a mistake, I will easily get “in the zone” of having flow, fun and results.
  • Today I’m going to recover/bounce back from a mistake with the least amount of time — NEXT is the key word of winners. There is no analysing and no self-judgment, to the contrary, there’s compassion and quickly looking out for seizing the next opportunity, because that’s what winners do. Winners seize the next opportunity for success while the others recreate their last mistake.
  • Today I’m going to play effectively, not perfectly -Today is not the time to “geek it out”, to over analyse things and think about everything from every direction. Instead. I choose to be efficient, like an acrobat who walks on a cable 200 meters high up in the air, and doesn’t think, but rather trusts (himself) and his body that knows what to do. In other words, less thinking, more doing, greater results.
  • Today I’m going to perform/accomplish the goals/objectives that I’m skilled at — sticking to the “bread and butter”, performing things I know and love doing, things I do very well.
  • Today I Will keep all the commentary and the grades for after the game — I will not try to fix myself during the game. I will keep my inner critic/the critic/the critical voice at home. After the game I can always invite my inner critic over for feedback, and talk about the quality of my performance.

Good Luck Bro


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