How to boost your confidence before a game (in less than 90 seconds)?!

In this post your about to learn how to boost your confidence before a game in less than 90 seconds? (without adding any extra physical training -Guaranty!

Let’s start.

When you go on the pitch, your objective is 90 minutes away from you. Your goal can be to actually score a goal, to assist, to be the MVP, to keep a clean sheet, to establish your position in the team, to receive a major offer from any team after the game. The dreams and aspirations for us footballers are endless, and that’s awesome.

When do problems begin? Why do so many footballers cannot achieve their goals/objectives?

It turns out that most footballers don’t know how to set their goals in a way that would make them achieve/get results on the pitch. By the way, studies have shown that people who knew how to set goals the right way, have achieved their goals much faster than other people who didn’t know how to set their goals.

I know you have your set ways, your own unique way of preparing, that you’ve been doing for years. That’s why we’re NOT going to change anything that has been working for you ,but only add to it, and offer you another way of thinking about the objectives you want to achieve in your upcoming game.

Shall we start? (it will be really short and quick, I promise)

There are 2 types of objectives/goals that you need to know when setting a goal for accomplishment:

  1. Outcome based objectives/goals.
  2. Performance based objectives/goals.

Let me explain,

Outcome based objectives are the most important objectives, it’s what you want to achieve at the end of the match, it’s the bigger picture.

Here are examples for outcome based objectives:

  • to have a good (great) game.
  • to score a goal.
  • to keep a clean sheet.
  • to establish my position / status in the team.
  • To become a major factor in the team/ to have a significant role in the team.

As you can see, these objectives are related to the final outcome. Even if you are in peak performance, we(you) cannot guarantee that these things will happen exactly as planned.

On the other hand, performance based objectives are specific objectives that are related to actions that are in YOUR CONTROL (both mental and professional actions), (things/actions) you can do blindfolded/ (even if somebody wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks you to do these things, you’ll do them easily.)

Here are examples for performance based objectives:

  • When the ball is in the wing, I make a deep run.
  • I stand near my opponent when he’s about to receive the ball.
  • I talk to my teammate who stands next to me. 
  • I encourage myself after a mistake.
  • I make deep runs, pass the ball and accept the fact that not every ball will hit its target.
  • I accept the fact that I’m only human, a human that makes mistakes (sometimes).
  • I remind myself that part of being a star is to be criticized/receive criticism, so it dosen’t matter what kind of things people would say to me/shout at me from the stands.(I’m cool with anything that people may yell at me from the stands.)
  • I challenge my opponents and apply real pressure on the pitch.
  • When I’m open, I call for the ball, shout to get it.

Do you get the difference?

Outcome based objective is the ultimate objective that I want to achieve, and the performance based objective is THE WAY (I want) to achieve the outcome based objective. 

For example, if I want to have a cup of coffee, then my outcome based objective is to have coffee.

The way to accomplish that is by doing the performance based objectives, and they are: boiling water, putting a teaspoon of coffee and sugar in a cup a stirring.

What’s the most common mistake footballers (usually) do?

Things go wrong when footballers step on the pitch with the mindset of the outcome based objective (the victory itself) and not with the mindset of a performance based objective (the necessary steps for victory). They are focused (only) on the victory and not on the (necessary) steps for the victory. (by the way, your self confidence is in the steps and not the [final] outcome).

Look, your brain in like a six year old boy who needs clear and detailed instructions for doing certain things/actions, therefore/that’s why  I suggest that before any game you set for yourself performance based objectives.

A winning objectives note:

A nice simple way is by taking a note before a game, drawing a line down the middle, and then on the left side you write “outcome”, and on the right side you write “performance”. Then you fill in according to your position (on the field).

For example: if I’m a defender and my outcome is keeping a clean sheet, then on the left side i’ll write “keep a clean sheet”, then on the right side we will write specific performance objectives that would increase our chances of achieving/accomplishing  the objective, for instance:

  1. I stand next to/ close by my opponent when he gets the ball.
  2. I maintain eye contact and talk to my defensive back four.
  3. I encourage myself throughout the entire game.

If I’m an attacker that wants to score a goal, so on the left column I will write “score a goal” ,and on the right side i’ll write:

  1. I enter the penalty box, פינה קצרה? When there’s a cross from the right side.
  2. I shoot the ball decisively whenever I have the opportunity. 
  3. Mistakes are part of the game, I encourage myself and move on after a mistake.

What is your winning objectives note?

If you’re up to it, play with this idea, you’ll be surprised how much order and peace of mind it produces.

My recommendation is as follows:

  1. Take a piece of paper and write down your objectives/goals.
  2. Write down outcome based objectives, write whatever you want, don’t limit yourself. (have no limits for yourself). With the performance based objectives you’ll need to be clear and accurate.
  3. Write down performance based objectives, keep it simple (and straightforward), I suggest you write 2-3 professional objectives/goals and 2-3 mental objectives/goals, no more than that. 

Despite this being a simple tool, you’ll be surprised/amazed to see how fast the words you have written on the page become the (your) reality on the pitch/playing field.

Good Luck Champ



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