Thank you, Dad

Thank you- Dad… #thankyoudad

At age 6 I dreamt to be a professional footballer. I was the tallest, strongest or fastest.

But you dad always told me:
“You have a dream, you have a path, follow it all the way, with everything you got!

And even in the toughest of days, you put $15 in my bag pack so I will always be able to eat on the way back from training sessions. You didn’t have a driver’s license, so we took taxies, you always paid twice-for me and you.

You were always dedicated unconditionally and never expected anything in return.

Yes, you wanted me to win,
But made sure to be there for me in the losses- loving and caring.
Even when I was on the bench, and no one gave me a chance- You were always there for me.

I will never forget your face when Macabbi Haifa let me go.
And a year later your tears of joy when I lifted the Cup with Hapoel Ramat Gan.

Through all the ups and downs, my dad taught me to never give up.

Without his support I would have never won trophies and championships. Without it I would have never stayed strong after getting relegated to a lower division and an unforgiving media that criticized me right and left.

Without him I would have never turned out to be who I was destined to be.

This video is for you, my father, I wouldn’t be were I am today without you.

Today, we say thank you to our dads, tag your father, use the hashtag #thankyoudad and write one thing you are thankful for. This is the least we could for them.

It is not easy to be a footballer, but the true support from home is what makes this journey fulfilling and possible.

Thank you to all the dads that are always behind us on our journey to success.

– Eitan

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