Why Are Butterflies in your stomach, shaky legs & heart pounding Before a Game Actually GOOD For You?

You know those feelings of sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, shaky legs, heart pounding, we were told that those are all signs of stress. But they were wrong, It turns out these are signs that your body is preparing itself the best way for you to play

Let me show you how to use pressure as an energy – because butterflies in the stomach before a game are a good thing for you!

And the first thing I want us to do together is to start looking at the concept of “pressure.” Because unfortunately we were taught that pressure is an obstacle – and this is a mistake, because pressure is a sign that there is a great opportunity here for a significant success for you.

Understand, everything your body does to you when the pressure rises is good for your performance. All of these physical reactions are just the way your body functions more efficiently when you are under stress. We have been taught that butterflies, dry mouth, strong heart palpitations, shaking legs is a bad thing but now we understand that all these physical reactions are only for your benefit and prepare your body better for the moment of truth:

  • Butterflies in the stomach are a normal feeling that you want to get lovingly. The strange feeling in your stomach is caused by excess acidity that is created in your stomach. After all, when you play you are not going to have lunch right? So your digestive system understands it and turns itself off. And when it’s turned off and there’s no digestion, you get a bit of acidity – and so you feel a feeling of butterflies or stomach discomfort, it has nothing to do with stress. We’ve just been taught that butterflies or stomach aches testify to stress.

  • A dry mouth before this game is great because it means that your body in that second is transferring energy to a task that is more important than having a saliva in your mouth. You do not really need more saliva in your mouth to give a decisive kick right? Are you also not going to kiss French while playing right? (I hope not). So your body knows this and transfers the fluids in your mouth to a more important area. so next time you feel dry lips? smile. Your body prepares itself for a record

  • Fast heartbeat is a sign that your body is ready to enter a fast and energetic rhythm Does it happen to you that your heart beats at a dizzying pace sometimes? Excellent. This is to inject more blood through the arteries, and carry nutrients and oxygen to the working muscles and brain cells so that they can perform at a higher level.

brain feels like a race? Excellent for us. Understand, your brain needs to process a greater amount of information in a shorter period of time. So you feel That your eyes widen and vision becomes sharper-and that’s perfectly natural

Ok so By now you understand that We’ve learned to blame stress as the main cause of all problems. But stress is not the problem, the problem is that we interpret stress as the cause of problems. As mentioned in the beginning of this video. It is all about our perception and perspective of stress and these feelings.

So next time you start feel one of these 6 symptoms smile and say to yourself: thank you for preparing yourself to to be at your best, and then take a look in your winning note, get focused on what’s important and enjoy the game. You are ready

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