Why was I flown to work with the russian “David Beckham”?

Six months ago I got a call from an unidentified number,

On the other side of the line there was a serious/official voice saying:

“Hello Eitan I’m so and so, I’m Fuder Smolov’s agent”,

Smolov is the star player of Lokomotiv Moscow and the russian national team.

I need you to come as soon as possible (the man on the other side of the phone said urgently). 

[Smolov is considered the “David Beckham” of Russia, he’s handsome, talented, mischievous at times, reads books, he’s got the whole package]

“What’s the problem?”, I asked.

“During the last world-cup, Smolov missed a crucial penalty at the quarter-finals. That miss resulted in a lot of criticism from the media and the fans as-well, It was brutal. Smolov became the tragic hero of Russia.

Ever since then his confidence went down, his nerves got the better of him, he hasn’t been the same since.

How do you let go of the trauma that the world-cup has left him with?

How do you rebuild your internal mental axis?

Most importantly, 

How do you go back to enjoying the game once again?

The answer is clear:

You need to step up mindfully, and become a complete footballer.

A complete footballer is an athlete that develops in two parallel paths:

  1. The path for gaining results as an athlete: striving for peak performance.
  2. The path for gaining mental resilience as a person: building your value and self-worth without any dependency on the results (this is like an insurance certificate for the mind). Develop / Open yourself up as a powerful person, without mental collapses that can come from the pressure to attain results.

Back to the story,

I took a flight and met him, we bonded instantly. The road was fascinating.

Fuder returned to the russian national team, returned to scoring goals and assisting in many others. But something even bigger happened – his enjoyment of the game returned as-well.

That’s what we all want ultimately, right? 

One of Smolov’s gifts was winning the russian cup at the end of the season, and qualifying for the Champions-league at the beginning of the next season.

***I believe that every footballer deserves having these (important) tools***

That’s why I will be hosting a live broadcast, there I will be sharing the precise (details) of the process that I had working with Smolov, and how you can too use them for your success during the upcoming season.    

During the broadcast, we will be focusing on: 

  1. The exact model for mental resilience for a footballer – how to develop as a successful player and as a strong/powerful (and complete) person, without mental collapses that  come from the pressure for results.
  2. Me in the hot seat: answering your burning questions live! (you can send in your questions in advance).
  3. All the details about the conference that i’ve made available especially for footballers that want to have a mental edge, an advantage in their careers.

How to sign up?

Join here for the designated whatsapp group for footballers,

A special link will be sent before the broadcast,

Press here to join

– Eitan


Smolov sent me a short video of him from the hotel where he’s staying with the russain national team. In this video he has a personal message he would like to share with you.

Press here to watch.

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